My first car was a 1993 Civic hatchback DX. I loved it! It was my daily from high school til the mid 2000s.
It was also my introduction into the import scene and tuning. I went to the First Hot Import Nights and was blown away by the creativity people had with the civic.

After that, I really wanted to be all body kitted and everything. I wanted my civic to not look like a civic. Initially, I was about the VIS body kits and everything, even unpainted for awhile. I had projector headlights too. Had Bomex mirrors and wing spoiler, had Wings West duck bill spoiler. Soon, I kinda fell for the clean “JDM” look and that is what eventually lead me to change it.

These cars were super common and during the 2000’s import tuning, these cars were one of the most heavily modified… Everything was available for this car! Body kits galore, upgraded headlights/taillights. Engine swaps included B16-B20 to K20A… and I’m sure more as I have not paid attention to the Honda scene as of late. I learned a lot about cars just be messing around with civics. I even converted mine to 5spd.

I loved my civic, but it fell victim to theft while I am in California and it was in Washington state. I decided to not really go after Hondas as people are always looking to steal them and that has been an issue with these cars.


These civics are ICONIC! I personally felt that the Honda Civic started the import scene as they were flooded with aftermarket parts and everything was available even for the super basic motors D15 SOHC non-VTEC. Due to their light weight, I believe the Civic spearheaded the FWD drag racing movement. People use to think that a FWD, let alone a Honda, could make it in to the 9-10 second 1/4 mile times and they have proven to be fast.

I did a quick check and now RWD civics have beeN put forth! Wow!!!!


I wont go into details, but here are the variations of civics, Del Sol not included.

Again, classic and always looking good, the “EG” hatchback (the EG got going because in Japan the EG6 is the SiR model with B16 Vtec motor).

 I had friend who had coupes and they were not bad either.

And the sedan version.


The versatility of the civic is purely amazing to me. It is one of those cars you can immediately pick up, build and find TONS of potential in many of the directions it can go.


There are a ton of forums for civics. Honda-tech being the biggest honda sites (to my knowledge) but other specific sites such as,,…