When I first saw the Mighty Boy in 2001, I could not stop laughing!!! I got off the a bullet train to Nagoya and I remember being in a rural area where my cousin lived. I saw this “tiny truck” and it blew my mind. I laughed so hard when I found out the name of it.

In true Japanese fashion, there is a following for these vehicles and people have upgraded and made these things pretty impressive.

Some of the aftermarket (or maybe optional OEM?) are used to make the Might Boy more of a truck. Both side bars and canopy can be found.

 What I always laugh about is when people take these things and make them impressive! The Mighty Boy wasn’t offered in America, but it was in Australia. Of course the abuse of the Mighty Boy as a truck begins!

 Definitely cool to see a burn out by one. Yes, the guys in Australia have put V6 and V8s in this thing and have done MONSTEROUS BURN OUTS.

And of course, the slammed and low rider version.

Of course, who wouldn’t want a clean version with Tofu graphics and JDM fender mirrors?

 A Skyline Mighty Boy.. Love it!