The Suzuki Kizashi was one of the last cars that Suzuki
offered before it decided to end its American operations.

Kizashi actually was well liked by automotive journalists, but I felt that only a few people picked up on them because there were other cars that people could choose from that would have more potential for aftermarket.

That is one issue I take with people only want cars for potential, they don’t like the car for what it is. I know people would pass up this car because they are unfamiliar with the name/brand, but also because there isn’t much in the aftermarket for it.

So that is not to take away from this vehicle. This car came with a 2.4 motor with FWD being standard, but an AWD as an option.

As you know, Suzuki is known for their small sized cars, and this is something slightly out of their norm. I personally felt they did a good job on this car.

One of my friends let me drive his Kizashi and I found it pretty cool to drive. Not being my car, I did not test out the capabilities of the AWD system, but I did like how peppy it was.

So if you have one or can get one, consider it a gem! If I can come up on one for the right price and reason, I would definitely snatch it up.

While not much aftermarket, there is hope as some in Japan have made parts.

 There a couple forums, but one I found most helpful :