The Mazda Autozam AZ-1 was a Kei car. Mid engine with gullwing set up, it is pretty awesome to see. I saw one at a driving in Tokyo, but did not see it up close. I have always been fascinated with small cars and when I saw this broken down, it was pretty awesome.

 Looking at many of the pictures, there seems that some of the owners have decided to convert their headlights. An example is a this square version.

 A more flush version of the headlights.

Flush and projector version

 Pop up version.

From what I understand, there was a company called M2 that sold modified AZ-1 with 2 lights in the bonnet. It is commonly referred to as the M2 1015.

I’ve seen some comparisons on this car and as much as I wanted to see the Hummer one, I wanted to show a normal sized car, such as this GC impreza, next to an AZ – 1

 Mazdaspeed had a version too!