The funniest thing about Suzuki is that I was always interested in either their motorcycles or their samurai. The samurai was huge among my off road friends. They modified the hell out of them and put V8’s , lifted.. just insane stuff.

I am a sucker for different cars, and when I looked at Suzuki cars, I saw potential.

First off, If you want to blast Suzuki cars, you obviously haven’t been to Japan and seen Wagon R’s!

I often look at Suzuki has being a Kei car type of company. They have small vehicles, but in Japan, these are highly tunable and enjoy huge aftermarket support.

I believe in 2012, Suzuki cars were discontinued in America. The sad thing is people did not see the potential and even during a time when people “want something different”, many people ignored these.

Personally, I wanted to get a SX4, Aerio or Kizashi. The older Suzuki Swift GTI were also nice!

The price range for these cars are really not that bad compared to the other Japanese makers.