I remember when the S2000 came out, it was one of those cars you KNEW was gonna be a hit. It was a roadster, it was a 4 cylinder with 237 something HP, Rear Wheel drive, which Honda wasn’t known for (besides the NSX). Knowing it to be a Honda and how powerful it was going to be, the aftermarket already know they had another platform to make money.

 In all honestly, stock, the S2000 looks and performs aggressively. In Japan, the final years, they had a Type S

 .While stock, these look good, modified they look superb!

Lowering them, turbo charged and even aftermarket hard tops made the S2000 another Honda hit, even with a somewhat higher price tag.

Just as many cars, There was a revision of the headlights/tail lights, which introduced the AP2. Slight modifications. The motor was also increased from a 2.0 to a 2.2.


I wanted to dedicate a small section for the hard tops, as I would probably buy one if I ever bought an S2000. From a few forums, I believe there needs a seal kit and specific hardware to mount these.

 Here is the OEM version.

 Spoon Sports version, which probably adds to it a more aerodynamic function as Spoon is always about track racing.

Mugen’s versions.

How is the racing companies about the S2000?
Besides the higher price tag, there are PLENTY of companies offering parts, it is just having the money to build these all out!

 Saw this one on CanIbeat’s website.

 J’s Racing S2000

Tracy’s Racing S2000

There are a Trillion builds for the S2000 out there and I have to say that it is awesome to see Honda put up a RWD sports car that can be affordable.

I do like the soft top cover.