This version of the Pulsar/ Exa was called the “Twin Cam Airy coupe”! Gotta love that! Typically came with a CA18 and of course people swapped in the SR20 and turbo.

  I was a huge fan of the Pulsar. I saw a lot of potential in the car. I remember when I picked up my 89 240sx, I was thinking out cool it would be to get the Pulsar and have both of them next to each other. 

The sportbak! One thing I totally loved about the pulsar was the sportbak. It was so awkward, but I totally dug it. The canopy actually lifts up as well. The taillights definitely scream 80’s

The other cool option was the T top version.

And if you took off the sportbak canopy, you can actually put a soft top cover with clear plastic to for the review.

Air O back concept.

 Lowered and super clean.

In all honestly, only few people I knew were actually into Pulsars/Exa. But some of the resources and builds I have seen have come out of Australia!!!!

While there are some questionable kits and styles, the whole point is that there is a market for them.

I am actually happy to see that people have build this car to something impressive.

Here is a one off kit that a member named Hman ( forums) made in mid 2000’s.

 One of the best sites to visit for anything Exa or NX coupe –  Huge resource and a great group of people.