One of the cars that I felt that is OFTEN overlooked was the NX coupe. Here in the USA, it was called the NX 1600/2000.

In 1999, I was cruising in Alki Beach in Seattle, and I saw a nice NX 2000. I stopped and chatted with him and he showed me some of the mods he had done (intake and exhaust).

I actually enjoyed our conversation and I would see him later that year at the Kent Street races.

I believe in Europe, it was called the NX 100 and in Australia, the NX-R!

 I remember one of my Honda friends didn’t like the look of the NX. He said the sunken headlights wasn’t that cool.

Typical Honda owner mentality at the time (Hondas were the dominant car to build). Eventually when the 240sx resurgence happened, that type of condescending attitude followed for owners of a NX coupe or any other FWD Nissan.

When the Import car scene was at its highest, many companies would focus on the mainstream cars, such as Hondas and Mitsubishis, and offer a variety of parts and body kits, sometimes there would be parts available for the non so mainstream cars. Usually, they would only offer a front bumper or lip.

Fortunately, in other places in the world that appreciated these cars. Europe, Australia and Japan offered parts for these cars and as Hondas were in the states, people build the NX with SR20DET.

The guy I met with the NX 2000 eventually got this type of headlight covers. While I do like how they bring the headlights flush, I was never a fan of cars trying to look like Acura Integra projectors.

Nonetheless, this made the lights flush with the body.


 Turbo –  I believe this was in Super Street

I don’t know if these kits are available still, but I love the fact that the NX was tuned like Hondas were.

Again, appears to be a great website for the B13 NX coupe.