One of the first Scions, xA is the Toyota Ist in Japan. It was a 5 door small hatchback. Again, the with the rise of small cars, this was one of them.

1.5 liter @ 103 hp for a tiny car! LOL, I love it. My personal experience was enjoyable. I absolutely found it more spacious than I thought it would be.  There is also an option for manual and automatic transmission set up.

I’ve read that the xA was used the yaris platform.

With Toyota aiming at Scion to attract the younger demographic, it worked in a sense that people want to build cars.

Here are 2 super clean examples of slammed and nice looking xA’s

There is good support for the Scion line up. xA was not as popular as the xB, there are many forums and a healthy aftermarket for the xA.