When Scion launched, I knew the xB was gonna be the vehicle
to build.

 There xB has this boxy, yet great look to it and if you follow tuning in Japan, these type of vehicles (like everything in Japan) have a huge tuning aftermarket, which was an easy transition to American buyers. The goal of Scion was to get the younger demographic to buy these cars, but not only that, they knew that the tuning capabilities would be the huge draw for the xB.

Interestingly, the xB was available with FWD and the bB had an AWD version!

I believe the motor was the same. Obviously differences among the car in various countries is a norm.

My friend’s bB had a slide out storage, I don’t believe this was available in the xB.

 One of my crew members in Japan had a Toyota BB. My teammates and I drove around and took pictures of the rides.

Nao and me, circa 2006.

Building an xB is easy as there are many options.

Not uncommon to find a very nicely done xB.