The second car out of the Scion line up that I felt was awesome was the tC. It was sporty and from what I understand, taking the Celica’s place. So they had to make a sporty car.

The engine was a DOHC putting out 161 hp and 160 lbs of torque.

It wouldn’t take long for people to jump on this platform as it was small, yet very nice looking

I drove my friend’s tC and while I liked the movement, I personally would like more space. But it is a nice car!

The tC is not offered in Japan (what!).

There was a TRD version that offered a Supercharger, kicking the hp.

 The amazing thing I love about the tC is that you can easily pick one up and build it.

There are tons of parts available for it, but also if you want more power, there are turbo kits as well!

There are some super cool tC builds out there and I just want to show a few I found online.