Obvioulsy, I do not know much of the 2nd generation bB. It looks like it does stay true to form and kept small like the original.

While slightly more aerodynamic, I do like how this looks.

After reading up on the 2nd gen bB, I started to read up on the Subaru brother, Dex.

It is always interesting to read how companies work together. Here in the US, we see the BRZ and FR-S.

While I did know some crossovers happen, I didn’t know that Toyota has some stake in Subaru’s parent company and that Toyota does supply some stuff to Subaru.

Offered in both FWD and AWD, only the FWD was matted with the bigger motor 3SZ-VE.

 Nicely done bB by Rando.

With just a minor facelift, stacked bumper lights,