I got a either an “Option” or Option fans magazine from one of my friends in either Taiwan or Hong Kong. I put Option in quotes because it was not the original Japanese Option magazine, but an unofficial version of it.

One of them had an article on the Toyota bB Open Deck. At the time, I couldn’t read it, but I was assuming it was a concept.

Well, it isn’t a concept, but another car that was barred from American shores!

 While it does look funny, it is a work of art!. Suicide doors on one side, back opens up for more space….

The functionality of this vehicle is probably why American companies didn’t want it here! It would be a funny and dominant competitor. Jokes aside, I do feel the functionality of this version would be a great factory for loading up ski trips and even Home Depot runs.

I know many of the Scion guys, as I am, drool just thinking of having one of these.