The Mazda Lantis (and other names) is a 5 door hatchback. This was never offered in the US. It is FWD and offered with a 1.5,1.6,1.8 and 2.0 (V6).

When I was researching the Lantis, one of my international friends I made in 2001 owned one and gave me tons of information about it. We talked about the similarities and differences that it might have with other Mazdas.

He gave me tons of information and when I said I was building a team, he said he wanted in. I had not problem giving him a sticker. He had a car that was not in the US and in his country, they were building it as we were building our Hondas. 

Aftermarket for these are pretty good. I’ve seen tons from the European market that look outstanding!

Mazdaspeed version had this spoiler on it. I believe they also had some other Mazdaspeed upgrades.

I love how these look just stock and with the named license plates.

The type R came with the 2.0 motor
 KF-ZE v6 engine, Limited slip diff.
Only sold in Japan, but specialty imported to other places.

Best forums: 323f, astinagt .