The Mazda Mx3, also known as the presso, was one of those sleek looking cars.

I had a friend who rolled in his V6. It was funny, at the time, I believe it was one of the smallest V6s available. It was a 1.8.  The sound of his V6, including his intake, sounded very nice!

The basic trim was a 4 cylinder and the limited trim was the V6. This platform was also a FWD car.

The aftermarket for these cars were limited and there are actually some nice examples of this car which I will post below.

Just like many of the cars that were ignored in the US because at the time, the focus was on Hondas, in other countries, the MX3 enjoyed aftermarket and was part of the car scene.

Now that it is 2015 (as of this writing) these cars are becoming rare and harder to find in good condition.

I often find myself thinking of getting the V6 version.

 A fully done MX3

 A clean look with front mount intercooler.

 I liked the kit and the projector headlights.

 Wow… this is super clean!

Europe had done it again!

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