The 3rd generation eclipse was a total change from the previous generations. In a sense that the platform used a new motor and kept it FWD. Additionally, the option for a V6 was there.

I feel the loss of the AWD option was a mistake. Of course a couple guys did an AWD 3rd gen using Evo parts I believe.

Great builds on

 This generation Eclipse was featured in the 2Fast 2Furious movie.

Still in the era of creativity and car shows, this model of eclipse was embraced by the aftermarket and there were quite a few body kits and parts for it.

With performance, bolt on turbo kits were available!

Again, Spyder was available, which is the convertible.

The body is stylish, but appears slightly bulky. Nothing new to the Eclipse!

3.0L 24 valve V6 6G72 engine pushing 200hp.

Some good forums that focused on eclipses have folded. Best one for 3rd gens are as mentioned club3g.