I remember my first experience with the 1st generation eclipse. A guy wanted to join our crew and he showed up at an in-town street race (often times we would to to Seattle’s street races). All I know was that he had a 94 (non pop up headlights) Mitsubishi eclipse GSX, which was the AWD turbo version. It was bone stock too. We were racing another crew from outta town and he offered to represent Reaction (this was in 2000).

Brian’s eclipse ruled that night. His eclipse was pretty much jumping off the line… it was super insane to see (for me at least).

Needless to say, that rival team, which always challenged us and lost, couldn’t stop talking about our GSX. This was really cool to hear. Then high school kids would talk about our cars and the Eclipse.

Pop up headlights were on the first years of the eclipse, but then changed with a slight facelift.

Part of the DSM (Diamond Star Motors) was Eagle and Chrysler, which had the Talon and Laser. Pretty much the same except the names.

The top of the line was the GSX (Turbo AWD) while the GS-T was the FWD turbo. They also came with non turbo version of both AWD and FWD.

This platform of the eclipse did have some aftermarket support, but it was mostly for road racing. I did see some people use this for auto crossing or rallycrossing, and of course for drag racing.

Here are some builds that were from the mid 2000’s.

ECU pin out

Pin # Name Signal Type
4 Primary O2 Sensor Analog
8 Intake Air Temperature Sensor Analog
18 Vehicle Speed Sensor Speed
19 Throttle Position Sensor Analog
20 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Analog
55 Ignition Control Module RPM
101 Power Ground Ground