Yes, the 2nd gen eclipse is ICONIC. Another pillar of the import scene/tuning foundation (late 90’s-early 2000s). Hondas had so much aftermarket to build at the time, it was one of the main cars to get. But the 2nd generation eclipse were just as popular and had a very big aftermarket.

Just like the 1st generation, this platform came with a AWD and FWD, Natrually aspirated and turbocharged.

GS-T is the FWD turbo and the GSX was the AWD turbo.

Along with a big aftermarket for body kits, the performance aspect was there too as the AWD model was good for road racing. Heavier than the previous model and anyone back then can say that rear end of the eclipse was huge.

I had 2 crew members that had 2nd gen eclipses. Both were show vehicles.

Our friend Kate had a full Bomex body kit eclipse.

While Kenny, had a darkish Baby blue eclipse.

Kenny would always be cruising in his car and street racing it.

We had a potential member named David (a friend to many of us in Reaction) and he had the first Quees Widebody kit. I almost want to say his car was the prototype. I couldn’t find a picture of his car, but there are tons of pictures of this wide body kit now as many people have gotten it.

The eclipse was also on of the featured cars in the 1st Fast and the Furious.

Those were exciting times! LOL.

 Here is a done eclipse with that widebody kit.

 Forgot to mention, the Eclipse also came in “spyder” which was a convertible!

The level of building for the Eclipse was nothing short of amazing. It was just like the civics and integras. You could buy an eclipse and IMMEDIATELY start hooking it up.

In those times, I’ve know guys to buy a car and within a week, it be totally modified by the weekend to show off at the street races or meets.

The graphics on the F&F cars are unforgettable, even if people nowadays (2015) don’t like them. Again, a different era, mindset and creativity level.

Lastly, RIP Paul Walker. The F&F highlighted Import car culture (even though exaggerated a bit!), but we found out that Paul was a real car guy. He passed a few years back, but this seems appropriate to Honor him here because he made the eclipse even more famous.

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