The final Eclipse. Sad. The Eclipse will always be a name when people talk about tuning cars, regardless of what people say, there are cars that just conjure visualizations of the Import scene and show cars.

In all honesty, I love the way these look. Again, they skipped out on the AWD version, but at least the motors were kicked up with power. The 2.4 4 cylinder kicks 162 hp, while the 3.8 V6 kicks 263-5 hp Mivec motor. Offered was also standard automatic and manual.

I do love the styling and it absolutely looks sleek and flows really well.

By the looks of things, there is an aftermarket for these cars.

But the current (2015) aftermarket is different compared to the early 2000’s where there was tons of companies producing parts.

A quick search and came upon a website called everthingeclipse which had body kits and such.

 At least the Eclipse’s racing heritage is somewhat still alive!

3.8 V6

The best forum for this platform –