I am always intrigued with how many cool Nissans were ignored, again, another decent platform was the U13 Altima. In the US, it was powered by the KA24DE with a FWD set up. The base form was that of the U13 Blue bird which was powered by the SR20DET and AWD.

This U13 was continued from the Stanza, which in the early models can be seen as Stanza Altima.

There was a cool heads up display in the 93-94 model.

 I’ve added a HUD pin out if you ever find one in the junkyard!

Of course the US would not get that set up, so we got stuck with the FWD style. Another turn off that many did not like, as I mentioned in the J30 post, was the slanted back end trunk. While not as pronounced as the J30, I remember people complaining about the look.

The Blue Bird was offered everywhere else and was like a Honda in other countries in a sense that people would build them because the aftermarket supported it.

 The Blue Bird has a different grill with the SSS on it.


 Some US companies did offer the Altima some parts, which was great. Many folks did turbocharged their cars.

 People would custom these cars almost. I personally found this one really clean with the aftermarket parts.

While the Altima was used at drag races, the Blue bird was used because of the SR20DET and AWD made it a good track car.

The bluebird also came in a trim level of ARX, which there is changes to the exterior mostly in the head lights and back portion. It came with the SR20DE or 1.8DE.

It is definitely interesting to see the same model with different components.

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