On my 3rd trip to Japan (2003), I saw the Teana and wondered (as with many cars) about them. I stopped at the dealership there and looked over one that had a 3.5 motor. It had the VQ and I thought it was for sure going to be an Infiniti model.

The Teana is a big sedan, looks so close the Altima, Maxima, G35, 350z to me.

The platform is of FWD, which I did not know when I looked it over.

These never reached Americans shores, but were sold in Asia.

Obviously not being an import to America, I couldn’t give more details about this besides what I could find on the internet.

I did notice that there were some aero kits, head and tail light upgrades.

This one is clean!!!!

While it is in Thai, http://www.teana-club.com/webboard/ shows tons of Teana and information.