When I was on a bus going from Narita Airport to Yokohama, I remember seeing this 4 door Mitsubishi and I initially thought it was either a Diamante or Galant, but when I saw the whole tail lights, I couldn’t figure out what it was. I would later come across it as one of my crew members in Japan had a Galant sent me pictures of his Mitsubishi meets. This is when I first learned of the Emeraude.

From what I understand, This is a 4 door sedan “HARD TOP”. It is also pushed as “low and wide”.

 Different tail lights.

 Look at those headlights!!!! Really sexy!

It looks like Russia has an aftermarket for these! Some front ends kits.

The Emeraude was a V6 FWD platform. I haven’t read anything about a VR4 version… but I’m sure that would be interesting since this is based off the Galant!