This body style is my 2nd favorite of the Galants, first being the 6th generation. One of my crew members in Japan had a VR4, which was bad ass to me!

Here is the typical OEM US version of the Galant.

Chrome headlights and I believe a V6 with an automatic transmission.

I don’t know why the US versions are given an unexciting appeal.

The Japanese version, blacked out headlights, grill and bumper are more aerodynamic. Very attractive bumper lights.

the option for VR4, 2.5 V6 Twin Turbo, All Wheel Drive…

Why did this version not come to the USA?

 Brochure pictures

 Nicely done.. VIP-ish.

and Evo-ish.

There were some aftermarket love here in the US for these galants… but I have rarely seen a few hooked up.