The Nissan Figaro is a retro car that emulates 60’s styling. Now that these are being imported outside of Japan, it is amazing that people are becoming enthusiasts for these cars. So off the bat, let me post a link to a great website of UK owners.

As I mentioned in the previous post (about Pike Factory) my friend’s sister had a Figaro and that is how I learned about them.

These were limited from what I understand. Only produced in 1991.

 It is easy to see why these would have some appeal. The styling was about that older look. Round head lights, body line similar to the cars of that generation.

4 colors to represent the season that car was released.

It is a FF layout. The motor was a MA10ET with about 70 something hp. It was turbo too.

 Roof top collapses into the trunk.

And there is a smaller trunk too.

rear opening.


 As you can tell, some people try to emulate the paint of that era too.

And any car in Japan is gonna find someone that will build it to be impressive.