When I jumped into the RX7 scene with my 86 FC, many of the guys I met in NW rx7club were 1st gen owners. This was about the time the drift scene started to take off.

The amazing part about this group, was that it was before the drift scene, so people were fans of the rx7 prior to the bandwagon. Most only wanted to get the 2nd gens, which was affordable and the 3rd generation, which was still kinda pricey.

But the “FB” was largely ignored by the drift guys, but always loved by enthusiasts.

Nothing says early 80’s like the 1st Gen RX7. It was produced from 1978-1985. Just like many Japanese cars, during these years, subtle upgrades are made. This was called Series II and III. The bumpers changed, or maybe different options, even a turbo engine.

Personal story:
Many of my 1st gen buddies had the 12A rotary engine. The thing about it was, these were older cars, many of them had rebuilt the motor 2-3 times. Now, I dont know if it was also the parts as some of the issues came from a local RX7 shop (family business and website sponsor). This shop has build some motors for the local group and their motors ended up going out way ahead of time and when it came to warranty, they found excuses to not honor them.

I was also impressed with some of the SCCA’s local chapter in Olympia because there were a couple Rallycross/autocross 1st gens. The 1st Gen has been used as an official rally car.

In action.

Unfortunately, the potiental to build this car costs some money. Most of these builds, obviously, were in Japan, where this car was truly a tuner’s platform compared to here in the US… regarding parts availability not the enthusiasts.

One of the best websites, rx7club.com  But like many websites, many of the external links are fading and don’t carry images like before. I found this website, who also felt the same way.