In 2001, I was checking out an local SCCA autocross event in Olympia WA. I met an older guy who had a Corolla Wagon all-trac.

That talk impacted me big time. I will forever look at corolla wagons different. Just like many, I didn’t know they came in AWD mode.

Plus this guy made his car for rally.

This version of the corolla Wagon falls under the 6th gen Corolla or AE90’s. AE92s were very abundant in America (sedan and coupe), but I feel that all-trac wagons were somewhat rare as you don’t see them often.

The AE95 and AE95G are both wagons, the latter being only sold in Japan, have some differences. 

The AW-1 was the only one that had fender mirrors. Obviously, people want this!

Japan always give their cars better versions of headlights.

Additionally, the CARIB (outside of the US) version has that spoiler on top!

I loved the fact it had a rear ceiling storage compartment. I thought it would look really nice in my Previa if I ever wanted to mod one to fit!

One of the guys posted this on the FB page:

 Cargo cover with no speaker holes.

 If you seen the stock center console, it is not as elaborate as this.

This one has cup holders.

And a slide out

Sunroof and map line

I always see nudge bar on a these JDM ones. I dont know if it was factory.

Nudge bar with fog lights and parking pole.

 Automatic folding mirrors with retract button.

Rear storage bin.

Opened from the back.

Sunroof wind deflector

Tinted rear side window cover.

7 Gauges on this cluster!

Here is how a US version looks. This was taken at the junkyard.

rear ceiling storage

 Dash and center console

Nice A/C button.

All-trac button.

Digital clock. Knobs and tape deck!

Different center console