Just as good as it is to find cheaper alternatives to buying “stealership” parts by a landslide, I always find cars in that state with some sadness. Some of these cars I use to lust over. 3000gts and Lexus LS400s.

Vehicles in accidents are definitely understandable. But it’s the good body cars that blow me away.

Granted, that maybe people don’t have the money to fix them or maybe didn’t want to fix them up or other reasons down the maint. line.

Previas I’ve see and because where the motor is and how much work… yeah, I get it.


Anyways, I wanted to “pay respects” to these cars that I run across and either try to salvage something off of them, either a wells sought after piece or just the emblem.

As the meme applies…. Feel Tec kicks in…