I don’t know much of the older Subarus. But I joined a Classic Subaru group on facebook to learn more.

I happen to check out the junkyard today and came across this:

Doesn’t look like much. I posted a question on what was worth it to grab.

OEM 4WD mudflaps

One guy said grab the bumper and grill

Here is the treasure!!!

Dual range. 4WD hi/lo. Manual

This transmission is worth something.

(the gauge cluster is analog, but the digital is the one to grab).

I was even told to grab the center console

And this wing!

Even the tail lights were in good condition and someone told me to grab them too. (quick look on ebay and someone want’s $60 each!!)

While It would be nice to grab everything, I also don’t have space or a Subaru GL to put these things on.