I remember when I first started to go to Canada. It was in the 99-2000 era and I would always go to Richmond and hang out at Yaohan centre, and later guys would meet up for street racing.

One of the thing I always felt was that Canada was like untapped territory, I

I also noticed that they had the Acura 1.6 EL. When the guys from Canada would come across, the brothers from Stage 5 (crew) had a Acura Domani that competed with my friend’s 4 door civic at a car show. The guy’s EL was lowered only and won the category due to it being “JDM”… which it wasn’t. The judges did not know much about the car except that it was different.

 Honda Domani in Japan.

 Isuzu Gemini

Since this vehicle share similarities that with other Hondas, mainly the civic, swapping other motors is a great option!

JDM parts are wanted!

Of course people in the US that want to convert will want to get parts. Just like many interchangable models.