The Brio series appears to be models that are offered in India, Philippines, Thailand and other countries. I’ve seen the Brio (based off the Fit/Jazz), but not these other variations.

The original Brio is this 4 door hatch.

 Possible a small/cheap economic car.

Next is the Brio Amaze. It is the mini sedan version.

 1.3 lt massive power! LOL.

I was interested in seeing the expansion of the Brio series.

This is the 2nd generation Honda Mobilio and supposed to be marketed as the Brio MPV or Estate as in this ad.

I do believe these are photoshopped.

Lastly, it would be awesome to see the Brio series as something as an extension of Honda being more affordable.

This coupe image is also photoshopped.

Great job and it looks like a well done ad!!!!

For certain, These are the 2 available.