The 2nd Gen Odyssey. Bigger and meant to compete with the American vans.

Come to find out, this is not the 2nd generation in Odyssey in Japan.

This happens often, but to “whooo” Americans, which want more room, Many companies continue the American export because of the name, with a different model, just rebadged. This happened to the 2nd gen Xb as well.

The 3.5lt V6 engine was used with a FF set up.

There were transmission issues for this generation and extended warranty.

The 4 speed automatic had bad bearings that would break apart and damage the transmission.

The 5 speed automatic transmission also suffered issues. The 2nd and 3rd gear clutch packs add issues of premature break down, clogging lines and other things.

In Japan, this is called the Lagreat.

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