I actually love one off cars. Something similar, yet different. I read a thread on AstinaGt that a guy in New Zealand got one and he (Michael0008) build it!  http://www.astinagt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16024

I was unable to source many pictures and even on one Japanese page said that they are becoming rare.

 There were 2 trim levels. Si and Gi. This was a FF layout. I want to say there was a turbo model available, but I am not 100%, as it looks like people have swapped in other Familia motors. In the thread posted above. A 1.8 V6 from a Lantis was stuffed in one of these.

As you can see that this is different from the usual Familia hatchbacks, this is longer and more slopped.

Michael0008’s turbo Etude

I love the traditional 1 piece headlights with fog lights.

So clean!

While closely related to Astinas and Familias, there isn’t much info out there besides what has been posted on astinagt and 323f  forums.