I remember someone in Washington State had a silver Cosmo in 2002. I don’t know how he got it, but it was definitely one of those cars that were super awesome. 
Next to the RX7, it is the pinnacle of rotary cars, but not as available or plentiful as the RX7. The Cosmo was also suppose to be part of Amati Luxury division and was based of the MX-03 concept car. With that being said…
This was the only Mazda to use a Tri rotary engine from the factory. 
While powered… it was offered only in 4sp automatic. This was the Luxury part of the sports car. 
The car was big, so it costs more taxes to own from what I understand.

nice interior with gauges

20b BREW Tri Rotary twin turbo!

Too nice!


I remember when I jumped on the Mazdas247 forum and followed Antoine’s thread. It was great to read about his build process.

Antoine from mazdas247.com