I recently started to learn about this car and found it was offered in Canada as the 323 Neo GS, but I have not seen one.

I really dig it and it reminds me of the Lantis and from what some of the forums members and even side by side pictures, shows very close resemblance.

It was also similar to the Honda CRX.

Outfitted with 1.5-1.8 motors, but read that somewhere in Europe, it was offered with a 1.8 DOHC engine. I’m sure people have swapped in Lantis and even turbocharged this car.

 US never saw this car, so again, it is amazing to see how other countries started to turn these things!

from Mazdaspeed.pl

I hope to find on in the future!!! I love the way they look. club323f and clubprotege seem to be good sites for these, besides maybe the European sites that need translation.

I wonder if this spoiler is an “made to fit” piece as it looks very similar to the Lantis’ Mazdaspeed floating spoiler.