You don’t see these around any more. But I remember a one of my friend’s in my high school era had a Isuzu Impulse of this area. I thought it was kinda cool, but didn’t know much about it.

The Piazza is a 3 door hatch back that, from what I read, was designed in Italy, made in Japan and backed by GM. According to Wikipedia, it is also one of the rare 80’s cars. I can see that as I haven’t seen one in over 25yrs.

Interesting to find that these were FR layout. So RWD, but also an NA DOHC motor or a SOHC turbo motor was available in auto or manual.


Nice side view
Always interesting Wheels

80’s technology in a car!!! always super cool.

Maybe a special edition!!!

I don’t believe they ever came here in this version, but there were 2 different digital gauge clusters.

82 digital gauge cluster

86 digital gauge cluster

I found an Australian forum,
and a JDM page!!