The P11 G20 was actually one of my favorite small sedans. I loved the look of it with factory kit, red/clear tail lights and clear headlights.

When I went to a meet with my G20 friends, it was amazing to see these cars tuned and what not.

I seriously thought it was untapped potential as it came with SR20.

 I hate seeing these in the junkyard and everytime, I have to take the emblems.

The G20 in the US only came in 4 door sedan. In Japan and Europe, the Primera Camino came in 5 door hatchback and 5 door wagon!

With FF layout, AWD was also available in Primeras, not G20s.

Gotta Love Clean!!


VIS Racing used to make tons of kits!!!

The Nissan Primera was upgraded in Europe and they head/tail lights were redesigned.

It is known as the

Nissan Primera P11144″