At one point (2003), I was buying cars off craigslist for my collection. Yes, I had a 240sx, fc rx7, and my infiniti M30. Then I bought a Cressida with blown head gasket for $400 and….

I almost bought an 89 Mazda 929, for $200. Issue: leaking water from the block.

The guy trashed it before I could get a place to store it ( I lived in Olympia at the time and he lived in Seattle).

The Mazda 929 I was looking at was an “S”. SOHC with 5spd (if memory servers me correct). I do not believe they came to the states with a Rotary engine, just the piston version.

These are really cool and of course, the Japanese kept the good version for themselves!!!

Probably the cleanest Luce/VIP I’ve ever seen! credit – Kiyophotography

Digital Dash!

Tape deck

Rear AC controls and lighter in the back of the center console/arm rest.
Piston V6
Turbo Rotary

Mini Drink Cooler and air purifier